Dateclub - Privacy Policy
Information Collected

The information that you enter when you register on the site is collected and used to create your public profile. This information includes, but is not limited to, a chosen nickname, your age, your sex, and your location. You can edit your profile using the My Profile link provided.

Your cell number is collected in order to enable us to identify you, so that we can send you messages related to the site, and for the collection of our subscription fee. Your cell number is never displayed to other users or given out to other users unless you give it out yourself.

Your handset browser type is detected automatically and this information also forms part of your public profile. To remove this information from your profile use the My Settings > Privacy Settings link provided.

Your IP address is detected automatically when you register and is stored as part of our record keeping process.

All public content that you post to the site, including but not limited to blogs, pictures, votes, and discussions, will be visible to other users and may be indexed by search engines.

ID numbers

We may ask you to enter your ID number so that we can verify your age, and so that we can identify you in the case that you change your cell number or register more than one profile using different cell numbers. Your ID number will never be shown on your profile or given out to other users.


A cookie is stored on your phone so we can log you in automatically. To remove this cookie and prevent automatic log in please use the Logout link provided each time you use the site.


You are responsible for choosing a secure password and for keeping the password safe. If you discover that your password has been compromised please contact us immediately.

Private URL

When you register on the site you are given a unique URL which can be used to log into the site without entering your cell number and password. You are responsible for keeping this private URL safe. Sharing this URL with others has the same effect as giving out your password. If you discover that your private URL has been compromised please contact us immediately so that we can change it.

Disclosure of Information

Your information will not be disclosed to a third party without your express consent unless 1) we are required to do so in order to comply with a legal requirement such as a court order 2) in our best assessment we determine it is necessary in order to enforce our terms and conditions 3) in our best assessment we determine that doing so is necessary in order to ensure the safety of our other users 4) in our best assessment we determine that you have used the site to break the law

Retention of Information

Your information is retained for 6 months after you cancel in case you want to join again, and to enable us to offer you the same subscription price if you do join again within this period. After you cancel you will be offered the option to forfeit these benefits and permanently delete all your information if you wish to do so.


To cancel use the Cancel link on the My Profile page, or send STOP CLUB to 31025.